I spent a couple days at the Kern River Preserve earlier this week. It is considered the hummingbird capital of the west coast. It is a very nice nature preserve and a great location to view Hummingbirds.

I used a four flash set up to shoot the hummers. Three on the bird on one on the background. The reason so many flashes are used is that the power on the flashes can be turned down providing for a very short flash duration. This enables the camera to freeze very fast action. Some photographers use as many as 6-8 flashes for this type of set up. The shutter speed on the camera is relatively slow ~ 1/250 of a second. However, the camera only captures the brief moment illuminated by the flashes.

Below is a male Black-chinned Hummingbird. To see a larger photo of this bird and other photos from my hummer shoot please visit this phlog post.


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